Vacuum oil-filter vacuum system and monitoring system

vacuum oil-filter vacuum system
a) found in the vacuum tank degassing nozzle is blocked, after emptying the oil, use dry compressed air purging or taking other measures to clear the entrance to oil.
b) vacuum oil purifier before turning on the vacuum pump should be checked the oil level and oil pollution. When oil is turbid from the drain valve drain dirty oil, clean the vacuum pump from the vacuum pump oil the oil filler, oil level rose to mark the midline.
c) vacuum oil after each use, such as vacuum pumps, condensing oil collector system with oil or vacuum degassing tank when the oil spilled into the oil collector, should be promptly placed the oil out, then close drain valve.
d) vacuum oil purifier when running 150h, you should carefully check the vacuum system components (such as at oil pump shaft seal) are loose. Find loose parts should be fastened well and, if necessary, should also check vacuum pump limiting meet factory standards.

vacuum oil filter
a monitoring system) vacuum oil purifier for a variety of forms, such as vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, thermometer should periodically check this meter regulator should keep accurate and reliable.
b) photoelectric switches and vacuum degassing tank monitoring holes on the glass should be kept clean, so as not to cause the photoelectric switch is out of control.
c) online testing oil with moisture and gas content and other features of vacuum oil purifier, its instrumentation should be calibrated regularly.



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