Monitoring system of vacuum oil purifier and disable maintenance

vacuum oil purifier
a monitoring system) vacuum oil purifier for a variety of forms, such as vacuum gauge, pressure gauge, thermometer should periodically check this meter regulator should maintain accurate
b) photoelectric switches and vacuum degassing tank monitoring holes on the glass should be kept clean, so as not to cause the photoelectric switch is out of control.
c) online testing oil with moisture and gas content and other features of vacuum oil purifier, its instrumentation should be calibrated regularly.

disable maintenance of vacuum oil purifier
a) operating vacuum oil purifier needs to interrupt the operation, you should first disconnect the heating power 5min can stop in and out of operation of the oil pump,
from local oil heated in oil produced from the decomposition of hydrocarbon gases.
b) after the end of the outdoor temperature, you must put the net pumps water to the condenser and cooling water tank in case of low temperature ice loss
bad equipment.
c) oil machine in idle when not in use, put the oil in the vacuum pump and pump new oil.
d) shall regularly check the condenser vacuum oil purifier and heater. Condenser cooling pipe can gather dirt with compressed air blowing,
to prevent heat exchange ability: If an electric heater is found on the surface of the heating elements of carbon, the reasons should be identified and eliminated, modified
good thermal efficiency of the heater.


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