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Zhejiang zhongheng oil filter manufacturing co is a research, production and sales of oil-processing equipment of high-tech joint-stock enterprises.
company since founded yilai, to "is committed to humanities technology, and driven modern technology" for mission, to in the can "I.P.S" production and SUBI, advanced management for guarantees, with its strong leading of technology development strength, and advanced of production equipment, and perfect of detection means and shortcut quality of after-sales service, has development became quality excellence, and performance stable, and varieties complete of domestic large filter oil machine professional production base.
Zhejiang in the constant company has a is committed to oil purification, and filter oil machine development of elite team, in company modern management mechanism of incentive Xia, has development development out filter oil machine, and Board box filter oil machine, and centrifugal type filter oil machine, and edible oil filter oil machine, and pressure type filter oil machine, and high precision filter oil machine, and small filter oil machine, and peanut oil filter oil machine, and hydraulic oil filter oil machine, and transformer oil filter oil machine, and vacuum filter oil machine, six big series, and hundreds of a specifications, and varieties complete, and industry leading of first-class purification equipment. And successfully used in electric power, petrifaction, metallurgy, mining, aviation, marine, rail and other areas for our customers to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution has played an important role, was praised by users.
constant runs to the impressive performance of companies in Zhejiang, removes people's worries about domestic products, has won wide acclaim and respect. Shows the domestic brand excellent price/performance.
Zhejiang zhongheng will continue adhering to the "Science and technology-oriented, service first" philosophy. Sincere, pragmatic and forge ahead. The company will be "converging world, all rivers run into sea" wide mind, gather the advantages of internal and external, and customers work together to create a new era of science and technology net oil.


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